الأربعاء، 16 ديسمبر، 2009

To tell you the truth guys..
The last previous months I've been having trust issues..
La2ane ektshaft enah kl ma I fully trust someone w I give them my all they manage to really let me down and hurt me...
So my plan was to simply not let anyone in.
And guess what it worked perfectly ya3ni a dear friend of mine or should I say an X dear friend of mine did something Ebe6 el chabd... !
And for the first time I Didn't feel a THING I wasn't down and sad and all and I didn't spend a whole month just crying my heart out!.. Which felt pretty good!
But sometimes in life there are ppl who you simply can't NOT fully trust and love.. Like mathalan fee Dee!
This person who I have known for a while now didn't do one bad thing to me (jadd alaah etamem ;p!) she's just an Amazing person whom I'm VERY PROUD OF btw :p!
This certain person I can just trust her with my life without worrying!
she's the type of person ely etgul klmaah which will emediatly effect you and would just put a smile on your face without knowing shly ga3da etsawy..
Ya3ni mathalan gabl Cham sbou3 mar 3alay youm I was EXTREMLY down and I just wanted to cry my heart out ..
We were just solfing on msn and she just felt how down I was w I told her it was nothing ..
Wehya kanat 7adha fa9la w madri sh9aar chan age6 ga6aah chan taf9el th7k 3alay.. (I just love making ppl i love laugh especially ehya min '3alatha walah :)! ) Chan agulaha "I aim to please.." Then she had to go but before she left galat .. "Even when your down :p" she simply drew a Huge smile on my face w 7azatha it felt really heart warming which was EXACTLY what I needed walaah;**
3ala golatha you make me laugh even when maly 5lg ath7aak and I make you happy so we're even ;p
She trully puts a smile on my face everytime I talk to her.. ;$

So yes this is deticated to Dee;* you may not me my Bff right know bas jadd I love w you w jadd 3asalahh la y5leeny Minich yal '3alya ;***

You know i wish i could feel the same way about my bff (she's just a whole other story) she's the type of person that would ditch me for a whole month 3ashan her bf .. ;S
I told her that somethings are just not forever (which is fine with me honestly) but she just won't let go..
Ma tadry enah she lost me min awal mara chathebat 3alay ;S!
w ana ma wedy i hurt her so i just suck it up and act like everything is okay .. m3ane I feel like I don't recognize her anymore 7ata our ramblings don't feel the same anymore .. I just wish she would realize that so we can get along with our lives even if we don't have each other feeha..

One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through. Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters – whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

Closing cycles. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because that no longer fits your life.

Shut the door, change the record, clean the house, shake off the dust.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are.

Closing cycles - by Paulo coelho

So Do you have anyone like Dee ?

Having Bff problems ?

Wana let go of something bas mo 3arfeen shloun/shtsawoun?


Ps: Dee etha chakaitene w you read this please mabe a3aref ;)

الأحد، 8 نوفمبر، 2009

I've been really down lately w ma adry laish bas asmaa3 old (like min the 80z-90z) love songs w
bass asma3hum w abche laish shloon ma adry..
So i was looking for a post by danderma which i really loved it was
ma3ana i downloaded the song a long time ago bas i just felt like reading the post min awal w yedeed la2ana min hal post 3araft an ya7remona which is now min themen my favz
W i realized laish I've been down..
Don't you think people ib waktna are underestimaiting love?
Walaah kl ma athkeer hal salfaa etheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg 5lgy..
I beleive that love is the most beautiful and the purest thing a person can feel..
الحب أسمى من رماد الفلــــــــــوس ومن كنوز الأرض و ماس الشمـوس
الله وحده فجّره في الضميــــــــــــــر * وأجراه في دم الغني و الفقيـــــــــــر
وسيّره في الأرض عبر الأثيــــــــــر * وتوج الإنسان به فإرتقـــــــــــــــــى
these three words - 8 lettered sentence 9arat tengal eb baizaah
it's sad walaah el 3atheem people claiming they love a certain person when they barely know him/her
And the tuth is wether we like it or not We never chose who we fall in love with
but as soon as we fall in love with that sertain someone we just love him from all our hearts mahma kan el looks,background (except el a5la8 ) it doesn't matter we just love him endlessly..
Many people may think there in love but in fact they just like THAT feeling the feeling that she/he gives them !
Wallah there is A HUUUUUUUUGEE DIFFERENCE bain love and like..
madry meta el awadem ystaw3eboun hal shay..
Love is PURE
Love is RARE ...
And the list goes on and on
Love is just Love *sigh*
قالوا فؤاد الحب مصنوع ذهــــــــــب * ما يسكن الأكواخ أو دير القصـــــــب
يليتهم قد قابلوه في الطريــــــــــــــق * أو عانقوا بحر الغرام العميــــــــــــق
ما هو جواهر غالية أو عقيـــــــــــق * والشمس تكسي أرضنا بالنقــــــــــاء
Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *sniff* sniff*!!
Thats just my opinion what do you think?
ams knt agouul 7ag janooy(check her out bel previous post)
sm3ay hal kaleemaat malout an ya7remouna..
Chan etguly alaaaaaaaaaah
?gtlaahaa 9ij entay 7asaah feehum.. asheek !
chan etguly a9lan ma fahamt shay
Gtlaha esme7ely bas you don't know what love is..
)So a Note to all those who is currently in love (el love el 9ijy mole 5ubry 5ubrkum ;p
Meskooo w never ever let go of it charsh it with all your heart taraho Nadeer..
w 7mdaw rabkum enaw thegtaw 6a3maa
3ala goulathum ..
"It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
Tadruun shno 7aly
bahajeer ;p barou7 denmark a3eesh ehnaak ymd7un el awadem hnaak w bayeeb e3yal w bag3aad bdoun zawaj wala rayal (esta'3faralaah LOL! bas shnsawe shaklah mako 7al elaah ehwaa)
On a totally diffrent note..
Last week ray7a bakalem our geology teacher wela mo mawjouda chan etguly etnadyny el biology teacher wetguly hala Dalya ba'3aitay shay? (they stay ib nafs el '3rfaa)
w here is how the conversation went...
ME: laa bas knt bas2alha 3an sha'3laa *pauses*
Walaah agoul ablaaah sa3deeeeeny *flashes the hugest smile ever*
Bio teacher: Dalya ana ablaat Bio ya3ni male 3ela8a bel giology
Me: ya3ni ablaaaaah shda3wa kahe yamech ga3daa
Bio T: *egnores my stupid statment* again ana ablaat biology not giology
Me: ablaa yan3i ablaat el giology teg3aad yamich mo ma38ulah ma et3arfeen shay klshh...
Bio T: *gives me a strange/shocked look*
Me: ba3dain a7na a9lan a9lnaa a7afeer (fossils) bel a9eel (ga3deen etshufun el '3aba2 9a7? (A)! ;p
Hnee bio T shway yatha 7alaa ..
Bio T: NA3AAAM ? Na3aaaaaam? A9ELNA 5ALAAYAA 5ALAYAA 5alayaaaaa !!!
*smaks her head bel desk*
Me: *chuckles then leaves with whatever is left from her dignity*
and that's the last I've heard of her 8ademat este8alatha elyoum ely 3gbaa :P!
Laaa im just kidding walaah ;p
Please comment.. wa fe le8a2en a5ar inshaa2 alaah ;D

السبت، 31 أكتوبر، 2009

First post ? ;p

So.. 8arart eny i join the blogging world at last simply becouse i love everything about it sawa2an love stories/random post bethab6 agraah KLSHAYY..
ta8reeban klshay eb www.scarletlights.com agraaah (don't you just love that website)
Jadd i started reading blogs min January ta8reeban w i just loved it w 9ara7a i got very attached law bathker el bogs ely a7bhum klsh maraa7 a5alee9

Anyways ra7 atkalam 3an nafsy shwaya im a simple kuwaity teenage girl who had a rough year ba7e6 ashya2 3any ib points.

I had a really bad experience ma3a a guy who was my bf/bff/madry kan wayed ashya2 bas 6ala3 a jerk so 6aff

thanyan ga3ad madry shkthr feeling down about it (bas mo ashkara klshay min ta7at lain ta7at w 7ade 7asait enah klshay 9akk eb wayhe
Kan whenever something good happens eyee something bas e9eek 3alaih

then safart for a very long time ebnethary which was really refreshing
3gbha i joined something which really changed my life.. It was a Life changing experince w 3araft enah everything happens for a reason w this thing trully changed My WHOLE life w it changed me ALOT !
it was the best experience of my life :)!

So 8arart enah i want to start a new page w enah i need to change my way of living so awal shay sawaitah i changed my school (which is turning out great el7mdilah {I'm still in touch with my friends whom i love bas el7mdilah eny mo wayd 9a3ba in making new ones}
bas i had to do it 3ashan my GPA w many other things

Bas el moshkela enah ana i've changed w my bff didn't ana a7bha wamout 3alaiha bas 9ij wayed ta'3ayart 3alaiha which was a problem
w 9rt e7mara w i kind of told her we're too diffrent w i can't be friends with you anymore(a77 i know bas shasawe it's really HARD ) She kind of told me a7sanlich w 3gbha i realised shkthr selfish i was w rathayt'ha) she has a bf whom i hate why you ask A'3AAAR MINAAH ! EE A3TEREF EL E3TERAF BEL 7A8 FATHEELA w it kind of goes both ways fa 6aff !

Ok so 3gb gargety w 7anety im just gonna say enah this blog is gonna be akthar shay random post 3an my life ..

anyways ba5alekum weya a conv i had ma3a my bff ib msn gabl shway and goodbye w if you ever run into my log please comment tara el box ra7at :P!
?ps: 5athait esm el motamared min blog the one and only hendanda don't you just love her

ma legait esm a7san a5af agoul shay thany anzaaf w 6aiba tara kolena fel hawa sawa Lool

Hatha men el nu9
Dalya Me: agoul tadren ena nesbat damy wayed shwaya

Jana: 3ady ana atbara3lech
Dalya: 5osh 3ayal ba8telech w bachayel minich dam
.. :)
Jana:ee 3ady

Dalya: ee 3ashan elmetmared ya8telne min ba3deech waayy yakerhaa

Jana: wayy 7aram 3alaich

Dalya: ba3ad edafe3 3ana chba7 way
J: agoul entay weyaah meyaneen keefkum yubaa

D:3ad et9adgeen lama etgulenly ena e'3aar astaaaaaaanssss.. en gltelah eny a'3aar ba3ad yawalich

D: laykoun gelteelaah

J; laaa;p

D: a7san metmared enzain e'3ar wayed wala shway?

J; wayeed wayeed ;p

D: Dooooooooom Dooooooooooooooooom
J: @!
D: zain ya3ni el krh min el 6arafain
J: ee kind of :P

D: ee Zain a9lan a7ss bas law achufa e9eer el wath3 emzana6

J: uff wayed

D: a77 ba3dain eshyabe hatha 3ala klshay emnashebny
J: haw shako klshay

D: bas kaife

D: sm3ay yawalich en glteelah eny a'3aar

J: inshalah

D: Golilah ehy 7ada 3ady la2ana tadry ehya shno 3ndy wbass sktaay
5al emouut 8ahaar ..
w 9awray bl shirt ely sharaitlech eyaha malat my wife went to london.. w dzeeha fahma
J: baaih mn zmaan w gale mno yayeblch eyaha gtlaah morty dalia gale "aha
:) "

Bl last part get what i'm talking about i was being sarcastic bas 6alaa3 9ij :) this is going to be a long journey...\